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Bas Wisselink

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Bas Wisselink is a public speaker, writer and educator in Bitcoin and open blockchain technology.
He has is known for giving down to earth talks on Bitcoin and related topics, covering history, philosophy, ethics and down-to-earth implementation considerations. Bas’ talks are never dull and always tailored to his audience, moving from analogies to stories to illustrate complicated topics.

Since 2013, Bas has been active in the open blockchain movement. He has a distinct vision about blockchain technology that is grounded in realism and honesty. Nothing is ever finished, nothing is perfect and the only way to move forward is to educate, build and progress. To this end, Bas designs and implements trainings and teaching programs, and gives talks to organisations, meetups, conferences and media.

He deals with the fundamentals of the industry:

  • What is Bitcoin and how does it work?
  • Why is Bitcoin special and what could make blockchain tech special and useful to the world?
  • How can you use Bitcoin and blockchains and which use cases make sense at the moment?
  • And more, much more, as the field is VAST!

Bas engages with each group on its own level and interest. He challenges and likes to debate instead of a speaking slot just to be “sending”. Bas believes in the freedom of people to make their own choices. In order to do that, people need to have information that helps them do that. His aim is to provide part of that information.

You can find video’s of Bas’ talks here.
You can find more of Bas’writings here.

You can book Bas for speaking engagements, training or debates via the contact form.

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